Who are we looking for?

Thank you for reaching out to us about a potential partnership with Essentia! We are a fast-growing, independent company looking for in-kind partnerships (i.e., Essentia Water in exchange for organic social media exposure, content for our #EssentiaNation page, and/or other opportunities for brand exposure). Please note that we are not accepting any applications for paid sponsorships at this time.

Who is right for our influencer program? We want to partner with passionate overachievers in their respective fields – be it sports, entertainment, publishing, gaming, or other categories. People who strive to be their best, embrace a healthy lifestyle and a movement toward better hydration, and have achieved recent accolades both inside and outside their chosen professions. There are additional requirements to be considered, but we’ll discuss further with you if we think there are opportunities to collaborate on.

If you are an influencer or a representative of influencer(s) who align with the overachieving spirit AND want to pursue an in-kind relationship, please check the appropriate boxes below and fill out the Influencer Partnership Application on the next page.

I’m an overachiever or representative of overachievers who want to pursue an in-kind relationship.*

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