why drink essentiaEssentia Difference: Hydrate, restore and balance with electrolytes and 9.5 pH.

It takes hydration to the next level.

We created Essentia to help you get the most out of the water you drink.  Proper  hydration is essential to good health. When your body is dehydrated, your joints get stiff, your muscles get sore, your concentration and performance fade – just to name a few. Drinking sufficient water every day will keep you hydrated and give your body energy to function at its best.  Essentia’s hydrating qualities come from our proprietary electrolyte formula, ionization process resulting in a alkaline pH of 9.5. 

It gives you more of what you need.

Electrolytes facilitate communication within and between your body’s cells and are critical to maintaining normal blood pressure, restful sleep, concentration and focus, proper cardiac rhythm, muscle strength, endocrine balance, intestinal function and more. Essentia is infused with trace amounts of essential minerals which emulate the naturally occurring minerals in your body. 

Make Every Ounce Count

Most bottled waters offer purity but no additional benefits. Essentia’s proprietary process adds the perfect blend of electrolytes to purified water and then is ionized, creating a distinctive alkaline 9.5pH water to help your body stay properly hydrated.

And, it tastes great.

With Essentia, you get a clean & smooth tasting water without the added sugar, artificial flavoring and calories found in many sports drinks. Plus, it tastes pure, natural and delicious!

Our water technologies are based on established science. However, Essentia Water should not be considered a cure for any disease, illness or physical condition or a substitute for medical treatment. If you have health problems of any kind, always ask for your physician's recommendation.
"I found Essentia and have not turned back. I drink it exclusively because I do not have to worry about any chemicals like chlorine and fluoride that are in tap water, nor do I have to worry about inconsistency. The other reason I drink it is because it tastes great!"
—S. Johnson,
Essentia Disciple