Essentia: Clinical Study

People have always told us Essentia made them feel better.
We wanted to know why?

Independent hydration study yields surprising results

People had been telling us for a while that they felt properly hydrated after drinking Essentia. While it made sense to us, we wanted to back up the anecdotal evidence with solid science. So we put Essentia to the test.

First, find a dehydration marker
Our objective was to determine the efficacy of rehydrating with Essentia vs. rehydrating with the leading brand of purified bottled water. But first, we had to find a reliable way to accurately measure dehydration. In our 2012 pilot study, we found the answer in whole blood viscosity, a measure of blood thickness. The study showed that as people dehydrated, their blood got thicker. That finding was remarkable in itself. Today, whole blood viscosity is widely recognized as a key dehydration indicator.

Testing 100 healthy adults in the first-of-its-kind study
We followed up the pilot study in May of 2014, when we contracted with an independent laboratory to complete a clinical rehydration study. The trial took 100 healthy adults and dehydrated them to a loss of 2% body weight via moderate exercise. The trial was a randomized double-blind study of 50 men and 50 women, ages 25-49. Subjects were dehydrated by aerobic exercise, then rehydrated and observed for two hours.

The result? Essentia is more effective at rehydration
When the data was analyzed, the researchers discovered that rehydrating with Essentia ionized alkaline water was more effective than regular bottled water*. pdr claim

The study results were cited in the 2015 edition of the Physicians’ Desk Reference (PDR).