How to test purified water (test pH)How to test pH: How to correctly test water pH levels.

Essentia’s 9.5* pH level is guaranteed. To properly test purified waters, you must use a calibrated pH meter since water this pure will not test accurately with pH test strips.

A calibrated pH meter is an electronic instrument used to measure the pH (acidity or basicity) of a liquid. Calibration should be performed with at least two standard buffer solutions that span the range of pH values to be measured. For general purposes, buffers at pH 4 and pH 10 are acceptable.

The pH meter has one control (calibrate) to set the meter reading equal to the value of the first standard buffer and a second control (slope) to adjust the meter reading to the value of the second buffer. A third control allows the temperature to be set. Standard buffer sachets, which can be obtained from a variety of suppliers, usually state how the buffer value changes with temperature and provides explicit instructions for proper calibration.

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*The Essentia production protocol produces water with a pH range of 9.5+. Purified water requires a calibrated pH meter for testing.